Over the years we’ve had a lot of great feedback from our app users. Here’s a sample of some of the latest.

Thank you so much for making this app. It has helped to change my life! I feel like I have a personal therapist at my fingertips to help change my thoughts any time of the day. The more I use it, the more I feel and see more beauty in the world around me. Seriously thank you so much.
Donna (NZ)
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After reading about an app called Thinkladder that was at the top of the download charts in New Zealand, I thought I would see for myself. Anxiety is a daily struggle for many. For a reasonable price, this app helps to eliminate negative thoughts and lead to a more positive mindset. For me aiming to please others has been a self battle, I realise that all of us have our worth, as does all that we do.
Steve Heap
I love the app. I have just skimmed through it and think it's a great idea. It can be very helpful for people, even if they aren't suffering from emotional distress. Thanks for this!
Simi - Counsellor (India)
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I just downloaded the app and I'm already very excited! When you struggle with something it's not always easy to see the symptoms in yourself which makes it hard to tackle. Having the positive insights in app not only reminds me to go easy on myself, but gives me the opportunity to make a plan to change my habits and thoughts.
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Thank you to the makers of this app. Truly helpful insights and framework for self-talk, I get the reiterated to me everyday just in time to calm me down and steel me. Thank you.
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One of a kind App - amazing stuff! Well done on such a great looking app. Super user friendly, easy to navigate - such a useful tool.
Ben (NZ)
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Thank you for this app. Really looking forward to using it. Depression is a new thing for me, only had it for a couple of months. It’s ok. We can get through this ❤️
The Doc76
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I love spending time in this app and can see how helpful it will be to my mental health and my relationships. The set out is so beautiful, I can't wait for more. Thank you!!
Charlotte (NZ)
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A very pleasant experience and sort of a fast-track to having conversations with oneself that may emulate CBT. thank you for your service, app maker!
You must install this application. I am very grateful to be able find this application in Playstore. This application is very good for handling all negative thoughts that I have.
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OMG! This app is phenomenal. I will begin introducing it to my clients and peers.
Marcia - Counsellor (USA)
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As a new therapist in an impoverished community, I realize the importance of being able to access mental health tools such as yours with encouraging and effective information! Keep up the great work.
Brittany - Social Worker (USA)
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I already love the app a lot. It’s beautiful. I can feel the love behind it’s creation.
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One of my fave apps for mental health “insights” is Thinkladder.
Ivy Chan
Thank you Thinkladder. My new health app. Especially during this second year of lockdowns in New Zealand, I can affirm you're saving lives.
Anthony Gold
Thinkladder is an app designed to help you in the day-to-day caring for your mental health. It has a bunch of really great resources and supports you to figure out where you're at right now and what truths might be helpful to support you to stay healthy.
Danni Duncan (NZ)
Thinkladder is a great app to help you make tech your friend in your mental health journey.
Devora Lieberman - Therapist (USA)
This app is pretty useful to remind yourself that you're not so bad.
Charlie Sorrell
For those like me that struggle with how others perceive them, anxiety or depression, thinkladder is a new app that I am trialling to try to stop negative self talk.
Loving the Thinkladder app! It's really helped me put things in perspective and I love challenging my thoughts with their tools!
@wearemisswest (Canada)