Over the years we’ve had a lot of great feedback from our app users. Here’s a sample of some of the latest.

I'm a year older than last winter, with a few more wins and losses to draw from, and a few more tools in the box. One of them is Thinkladder - if you feel called, take a look. It's helped me learn to move with the tides and cycles without giving myself and my loved ones too much whiplash.
Wow!! I just downloaded your app and love it so much already just going through it and setting up my insights as reminders! I can't wait to recommend this app to my followers, friends and family!! The themes and limiting beliefs really make you realise that you're not alone with your struggles, so thank you again for this app!
Tay (USA)
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This app is helping me in so many ways depressed person can learn and be better by using this app I feel much better and I understand my worth just cause of this app not just self worth but understanding others thank you for all the unique unheeard thoughts.
I have used Thinkladder for a few years now. Sometimes I struggle to put aside time for using it, but it doesn't stop me from finding value in the regular insight reminders I have set up. Occasionally I open up the app to find some fresh insights or use the insight journal. The loneliness guided audio practices were transformative for me, especially during lockdown in 2021.
Absolutely wonderful, this does feel good to find positive reinforcements that resonate with me. It might nice to have a search option so certain keywords can be easily found. Also, completely unrelated, but is someone or more on the staff a shawol? The color palette is on point. Even if not, this is clearly a beautiful passion project. Thank you for taking the time to make it.
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Thankladder's unique tools are designed to help you rewrite the script in your subconscious mind. When we replace our limiting beliefs it changes our old thought patterns which helps us feel better and do better. As we practice these new beliefs and actions with focused concentration and perseverance, they become our new normal.
Shanna - Counsellor (Canada)
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Stumbled upon this app. I am not adverse to sharing that I have mild anxiety. So many people do and either don't recognize it, deny or ignore this mental health issue or don't know what to do with it. Challenges to, and rewiring of negative beliefs help to shift negative thoughts. But they aren't easy to remember. Until now!
This app is nice to look at, easy to access, not overwhelming, and easily digestible. I especially like the gallery of insights and love that you included compassion fatigue as a theme. So relevant today especially.
Zander - Social Worker (USA)
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Wow, this app is bad ass! I finally downloaded it onto my phone. This is VERY beneficial. I will be giving this to people I know and even clients! This is very helpful!
Emily - Social Worker (USA)
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Thank you so much for making this app. It has helped to change my life! I feel like I have a personal therapist at my fingertips to help change my thoughts any time of the day. The more I use it, the more I feel and see more beauty in the world around me. Seriously thank you so much.
Donna (NZ)
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