Terms of Use

Terms and conditions for using this website and our apps.

The website (website) and the Thinkladder apps (including, but not limited to, the Thinkladder mobile apps and Thinkladder integrations available via third-party platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams referred to hereafter as ‘app’ or ‘apps’) are provided by Think Ladder Limited (‘Thinkladder’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’).

All of the information provided on the website and apps (services) are to be used for informational and/or educational purposes. The services should not be used as a substitute for seeking out professional support.


Thinkladder services are free to use, however, you may not reproduce, communicate or copy any of the content made available via the services without the permission of the copyright owner. However, feel free to share Insights via the share icon in the app gallery.


Personal Data

If you are using our services, we may collect basic information that most web sites and apps collect as part of providing access to similar services. That basic information includes browser type, date and time you visited and IP addresses.

In order to set up an account, we also need to gather personal identifying information. This information includes your email address and your chosen username and a password. Access to personal identifying information is restricted. No personal identifying information from the services is shared with the Thinkladder research team.

Usage Data

Usage data includes content we display in order to provide the service and each user’s interaction with that content while using the service (this may include but is not limited to things like the screen title, the number of taps/clicks/selections of content that is displayed and interactions such as screen taps, button clicks, scrolling and pausing etc.)

Usage data is anonymised prior to being used for analysing usage and performance of the services. The anonymised usage data may also be aggregated and grouped into cohorts for internal, private and/or public research purposes, provided that each cohort is deemed to be large enough to preserve anonymity of individual users. Cohorts may include cohorts based on the user’s Continent, Country and City approximated using their IP address; and in the case of private research, cohorts may include an organisation name.

Private Data

Users may also choose to use the Journal, Gratitude and Audio Practice features of the services which are provided for meditation and self-reflection. The data such as journal entries and recordings input by users while using these tools are treated as private; are only stored on the user’s own device; are NOT stored on the cloud; are NOT made available to the Thinkladder research team; and are NOT used for research purposes.


If you use the Thinkladder Slack apps (Slack apps), we will access information from Slack in order to provide the functionality of the Slack app, address you appropriately and respond to you via Slack.

This information may include, but is not limited to;

  • the Slack user name/ID of users who interact with the Slack app;
  • the Slack team name/ID where the Slack app is installed;
  • the Slack team channel names/IDs of channels (where the Slack app is permitted to post messages to; or is invited to; or where the Slack app slash command is run from); and
  • the content of direct messages, @mentions, and slack commands sent to the Slack app.

Your interactions with the Slack app are processed in order to provide the functionality of the Slack app.

If you choose to link your profile in the Thinkladder mobile app (mobile app) to the Slack app we may access data saved from the mobile app for use by the Slack app (and vice versa).

Installation of the Slack apps automatically creates a cohort for the purposes of allowing the workspace owners/administrators to commission Thinkladder to provide paid value added services in the future. Examples of these value added services may include specific content to be provided to the Slack workspace via the Slack app, or research reports and recommendations to help Slack workspace users improve self-awareness/wellbeing in specific areas.


In order to provide the functionality of this website, the mobile app and the Slack app, we use third party service providers including;

  • Google Cloud Platform and Heroku for hosting our software and content;
  • Google Analytics for analysing the usage and performance of the services;
  • Google Firebase Analytics for analysing the usage and performance of services;
  • Mixpanel for analysing usage and performance of the mobile apps; and
  • Stripe, Google Play Store and Apple App Store for payment processing.


We retain Personal Data for only for as long as is required for providing the services and the purposes outlined in these Terms and Conditions, for providing the services and for fulfilling our legal obligations.


We provide self-service tools for users to remove Personal Data and Usage Data from our mobile apps and Slack apps. Users may also request assistance with removing their Personal Data and Usage Data by emailing

Usage Data that is removed will not be available for future analysis or research, however, it is technically infeasible and practically impossible to remove Usage Data that has already been anonymised/aggregated as part of existing analysis or research.


We strive to protect data in line with current commercial practices including the use of encryption schemes where appropriate. However, no method of data transfer and storage is infallible and we cannot guarantee its absolute security.


Our service providers may be located inside or outside the United States, New Zealand and the European Economic Area (EEA). This may mean your personal data is transferred, held and processed either inside or outside the United States, New Zealand or the EEA.


Our content may include links to other websites. If you follow a link on our website to another site, the owner of that site will have its own terms and conditions.


No personal information shared via our contribution icon will be kept or shared against your name.


We may change these terms and conditions by uploading revised terms and conditions onto this website. The change will apply from the date that we upload the revised terms and conditions.

Last updated: 2022-05-08