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The Thinkladder App

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Mental wellness starts with self-awareness. The Thinkladder App is designed to help you become more self-aware, and complement your wellness routine with personalised insights written by mental health professionals.

Step 1

Start by selecting a Theme in the Insight Finder

A theme is a group of connected Symptoms, Limiting Beliefs, and Insights. You can explore as many themes as you like, and you can select another theme at any point. Don’t overthink your Theme selections. Go with your gut and if it doesn’t seem quite right, choose one that’s the closest fit for you.

Step 2

Choose a personalised Symptom

Everyone is different, and here you get to select specific symptoms that you want to explore within your chosen Theme. Symptoms include difficult emotions, unwanted automatic thoughts and habits that you feel stuck in. Your Symptom selection helps Thinkladder to present you with possible connected Limiting Beliefs to help you gain clarity, feel understood, and know that you are not alone. Specific symptoms are a clue to help discover the beliefs that are limiting us.

Step 3

Discover the beliefs that limit you

Your core beliefs influence everything you think, feel and do. However, your unique belief system wasn’t thoughtfully and intentionally curated by your adult self. Instead, most of your beliefs were ‘absorbed’ from your surrounding culture during childhood, or formed during emotionally charged experiences. As a result, many of these influential beliefs, assumptions and expectations are hidden from your awareness in your unconscious mind.

The Insight Finder enables you to explore the Limiting Beliefs that may have been fuelling the symptoms you have been experiencing. The self-awareness you gain by confronting a Limiting Belief is key to your progress.

Step 4

Re-write your story with Insights

Selecting Limiting Beliefs enables the Insight Finder to present you with multiple alternative perspectives, written by wellness professionals all around the world. These Insights are invitations to see differently, think differently and engage with the world in a different way. Selecting Insights that resonate with you is a step toward curating a personal belief system that aligns with your values and supports your goals.

Step 5

Get Reminders when you need them

Neuroscience has taught us that although lasting change requires focus, effort, repetition and time, it is possible. Setting Insight Reminders and Location Alerts in the App helps you to do the work to bring about the change you want.

Step 6

Make lasting change with Thinkladder Practices (iOS only).

Thinkladder has developed a series of key practices based on wellbeing research to help guide you in activities that create positive change.

Practice Gratitude with hundreds of gratitude topics and prompts. Experience embodiment wellness practices and make peace with your emotions with Audio Practices, and reflect on your Insights and Limiting Beliefs with our Journalling Questions.

The Thinkladder App is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Download it today and begin your journey to better self awareness.