Over the years we’ve had a lot of great feedback from our app users. Here’s a sample of some of the latest.

As a new therapist in an impoverished community, I realize the importance of being able to access mental health tools such as yours with encouraging and effective information! Keep up the great work.
Brittany - Social Worker (USA)
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OMG! This app is phenomenal. I will begin introducing it to my clients and peers.
Marcia - Counsellor (USA)
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This app has been really helpful in the mornings for me. It gives me a positive affirmation/reminder for the day. Its interesting to go through a negative belief that you may have and that it makes you challenge that negative thought with a positive one. Dear developers: I think a search bar or something similar could be very helpful! A way to type in the specific feeling or thought you're having and being able to get relating affirmations from the keywords that you enter in :)
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Thankladder's unique tools are designed to help you rewrite the script in your subconscious mind. When we replace our limiting beliefs it changes our old thought patterns which helps us feel better and do better. As we practice these new beliefs and actions with focused concentration and perseverance, they become our new normal.
Shanna - Counsellor (Canada)
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You must install this application. I am very grateful to be able find this application in Playstore. This application is very good for handling all negative thoughts that I have.
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This app is invaluable to help you examine negative self thoughts, feelings & perspectives & replace them with helpful ones. Unlike other self-help apps - which require you to generate your own positive alternatives - it provides the positive alternatives for you. This is why I feel the app is invaluable: if you are entrenched in negative thoughts & feelings about your self, it can feel impossible to generate a helpful, alternative thought for your self. I'm grateful to all that devised this app.
PinK StaticX
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A very pleasant experience and sort of a fast-track to having conversations with oneself that may emulate CBT. thank you for your service, app maker!
I just downloaded the app and I'm already very excited! When you struggle with something it's not always easy to see the symptoms in yourself which makes it hard to tackle. Having the positive insights in app not only reminds me to go easy on myself, but gives me the opportunity to make a plan to change my habits and thoughts.
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I love spending time in this app and can see how helpful it will be to my mental health and my relationships. The set out is so beautiful, I can't wait for more. Thank you!!
Charlotte (NZ)
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Thank you for this app. Really looking forward to using it. Depression is a new thing for me, only had it for a couple of months. It’s ok. We can get through this ❤️
The Doc76
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