Over the years we’ve had a lot of great feedback from our app users. Here’s a sample of some of the latest.

I love this app. I've done two audio sessions and had tears pouring out without even knowing I had built up so much emotion. I love the music in the audio sessions too. Genuinely so happy I found this app and I can't wait to see the transformation I undergo by using it regularly. Thank you so much for developing an incredible tool.. I've used many platforms before and none have given me what I've gotten out of these sessions so far. I really cannot thank you enough. Those audio sessions are incredible and I think that many people will get so much out of them. Keep doing what you're doing!
Jordy-Lee Woolley (NZ)
I've been using the app for a few weeks. I found the way to use it that suits me the most: after having identified realistic thoughts to replace my harmful ideas, I program them to receive them as a reminder every day. The reminders put a stop to my thread of ideas which are sometimes very anxiety-provoking. When I get the reminder, I take a 2 minutes to integrate the thought. Things I would like: a greater variety of insights, and the app in French. Thank you!
Google Playstore Review
This app is invaluable to help you examine negative self thoughts, feelings & perspectives & replace them with helpful ones. Unlike other self-help apps - which require you to generate your own positive alternatives - it provides the positive alternatives for you. This is why I feel the app is invaluable: if you are entrenched in negative thoughts & feelings about your self, it can feel impossible to generate a helpful, alternative thought for your self. I'm grateful to all that devised this app.
PinK StaticX
Playstore Review
This app has been really helpful in the mornings for me. It gives me a positive affirmation/reminder for the day. Its interesting to go through a negative belief that you may have and that it makes you challenge that negative thought with a positive one. Dear developers: I think a search bar or something similar could be very helpful! A way to type in the specific feeling or thought you're having and being able to get relating affirmations from the keywords that you enter in :)
Playstore Review
Unlike most of the mental health/CBT apps out there, this one actually has content (more than just "Describe the thought and bodily sensation, then come up with a positive response"). If you want some constructive reframing without the cutesy cartoon animals, Thinkladder's got you. Only way to make it better would be more content (but you guys are still working on that update, right?) Thanks for a great app!
Thinkladder is the best $5 I've spent all year: an app for anxiety and limiting beliefs that harnesses CBT and reframing to help open up new perspectives. This is a recommendation I will absolutely be passing along to many, many people. 5 minutes of app surfing, and I've already gotten immense value from it.
Emma Sedlak
The content is straightforward, which is helpful in a short amount of time if I am ruminating in my negative thoughts. I especially like the multiple options of symptoms to choose from.
This is all such a great idea given the current situation we are experiencing professionally. Almost all of my psychology colleagues are fully booked with long waitlists. This is just so sad for our communities. Any options that could be helpful for clients to try themselves are so great to know of!
Dr Rachel Mayne - Psychologist (NZ)
What I like the most about the app is “My Insights” and the audio practices! They are neat! The audio sessions has helped me ease my anxiety and fall asleep and the insights remind me what beliefs I need to grasp or throw away in order to change my life for the better.
Best mindfulness app I have found. The more I use this app the more change I see and feel. The first time I used this app I felt a moment of change in my emotions and thoughts and now I’m seeing contentment of life and how beautiful the world actually is around me. The app is very easy to use.