Thinkladder for Organisations

Let your people know they are valued.

Thinkladder improves wellbeing for millions of people, cost-effectively and at scale. We have a number of solutions to suit the different needs of organisations and brands wishing to lead the way.

For organisations

Rapid Wellbeing Campaigns

We make it possible to run promotional campaigns, that take the user through our online well-being experience, and report back to you on trends and needs found over the group.

Rapid Rollout
Sign up today; See results tomorrow.
Fast Insights
Quickly understand the wellbeing needs in your organisation.

For organisations

Wellbeing Insights

Our rich wellbeing analytics and reporting sits on the back of an embedded wellbeing experience (the Thinkladder Insight Finder), which users pass through online, while we anonymously aggregate their data.

With this data we can then provide detailed reporting via Thinkladder Themes, ARACY or Safework Psychosocial Hazards frameworks, or even your own wellbeing framework.

BYO Options
Custom frameworks available to suit your organisations needs.
Privacy First
Privacy is built into the system, and all content is strictly anonymised and aggregated.

Mobile Platform

Encourage A Wellbeing Journey

Provide your organisation our Thinkladder mobile app (available in both iOS and Android), and stay connected with them along their way via branded messaging directly within the app.

You can keep them encouraged, make announcements and be part of their ongoing journey to better mental well being and self awareness.

Message directly in App
Send regular co-branded messages to your users directly in the Thinkladder App.

Slack App

Meet And Encourage Your People Where They Operate

We can provide a light, lean experience for your team, directly in the Slack app. Install our app into your workspace, so your team can make simple and quick reframes part of their day.

Simple Installation
Install directly in Slack, no integration required.
Immediate Results
Fast and easy way to add wellbeing tools into your organisation.

App Embed

Embed Wellbeing into Your Website or App

You can also make improved self-awareness and wellbeing part of your own web/app experience. Our embeddable widget can be quickly integrated into your existing customer touchpoints, using either supplied code snippets or our ready made WordPress plugin. The embedded experience is also brand-able, so you can keep the experience seamless.

Copy & Paste Installation
In most cases our standard integration code is all you need.
We can customise the experience to include your brand and colour scheme.

Easy Rollout & Onboarding

We’ve optimised the rollout and on-boarding for organisations, to make integrating mental well being tools into your workflow as simple as possible. Our support team is on-hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Stress Free Roll-out

Thinkladder is intuitive and easy to use. People around the world find, use and love Thinkladder without any training. We help your roll-out with QR codes, video guides and campaign materials.

Fast Onboarding

We will help your people to get up and running quickly to start creating positive change. It can be as little as 24 hours from your first demo to providing Thinkladder to your people.

Request a Chat

Speak with one of our team about how Thinkladder can help your organisation.