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The Problem:

Our beliefs affect everything we think, feel and do. Unhelpful beliefs can fuel stress, anxiety and depression and leave people stuck in unwanted behaviours.

There is Hope:

Fortunately we can adapt our belief systems. In addition to being a great self awareness tool, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is proven to help those suffering with stress, anxiety and depression through examining and adapting our belief systems. However this can be hard work, even with the help of a therapist.

What We Do:

We are making it easier for people to reshape their belief systems, grow in self awareness and develop a healthier mental wellbeing. While we can’t provide a complete CBT experience, our inspiring daily Insights draw on CBT to help your team to take a moment each day to pause and reflect and grow in self-awareness.


Daily Insights

When you install the Thinkladder Slack app, choose a channel where @Thinkladder will post daily Insights along with an associated Limiting Belief and some common Symptoms.

Slash commands

You can use the /insights command from anywhere to get an Insight sent back to you privately and the /thinkladder-help command will show you our support contact details.

Chat Mentions in a Channel

If you mention @Thinkladder in any channel you have invited it to, we will immediately send an Insight to the channel.

Chat Direct Message (DM):

You can DM @Thinkladder to privately receive more Insights via DM. Users who also use the Thinkladder mobile app will soon be able to DM @Thinkladder to interact with Insights saved via the mobile app.


For assistance with installing or using the app or to provide feedback, please contact us by email at

If you would like us to visit your team to provide coaching or training or to discuss anything else, please contact us by email at

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