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Thinkladder is a mental wellness start-up based in Auckland, New Zealand. The idea first sparked when we noticed a lack of accessible, high-quality wellness resources focused on self-awareness: a fundamental building block of mental wellness. We decided to build a self-awareness experience that you can easily reach for, any place, any time: the Thinkladder app.


The main feature of the Thinkladder app is the Insight Finder. The Insight Finder helps you weed out Limiting Beliefs and find uplifting Insights to replace them. Thinkladder Insights are like affirmations; they empower you to create a healthy inner world and live true to your values. This self-directed wellness experience utilises a therapeutic practice called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT is clinically proven and widely used among mental wellness professionals across the globe. Our core beliefs shape our daily decisions, reactions, and our very sense of identity. Many of us lack the awareness of our core beliefs and whether they are toxic and self-sabotaging or healthy and supportive. The good thing here is that our brains are malleable: they can adapt! With repetition of helpful practices over time, we can strengthen new pathways and tangibly change our inner world for the better. Thinkladder Insights are written by wellness professionals from all over the world, and carefully curated by our team of professional writers.

Alongside the Insight Finder, the Thinkladder app has a few other features available: guided audio practices, gratitude practices, and journaling practices. For the time being, these three features are only available via the iOS app. These practices reinforce the work done in the Insight Finder. Reminders are available for both Practices and Insights, allowing the user to carve out a wellness routine or give their future self a gentle nudge when needed. 1.5million (and counting) Thinkladder Reminders have been sent out to our global user base so far. The Thinkladder app is free to download. Find it here.


As more people begin to recognise the power of proactive mental wellness practices, we continue to see a tangible shift in the stigma surrounding mental health. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of the resources that are out there. If you’d like to help, here’s how. A word-of-mouth recommendation from someone you know and trust is the most effective way to create awareness about a product. When individuals and organisations share mental wellness resources like Thinkladder with their loved ones, it makes a difference.

Want to share the Thinkladder app with a friend? Feel free to use any of the examples below if you need a hand to articulate what the Thinkladder app can offer. If you’d like to learn more about the science around the Thinkladder app, click here.

I’ve recently found this app called Thinkladder, which is designed to help weed out your own unhelpful beliefs and thought patterns. The Thinkladder app has helped me to discover what’s going on in my mind beneath the surface. If you’re looking for a mental wellness tool to incorporate into your routine, I highly recommend trying it! They also have some educational content on their Instagram feed and website that helps you to make the most of their app!

The Thinkladder app is a helpful tool if you’re looking for a proactive way to invest in your mental wellness. It’s based on clinically proven therapeutic practices used by professionals all over the world, assisting you to understand yourself on a deeper level and gain autonomy over your wellness!

There are so many awesome mental wellness apps out there that can be incorporated into your routine to help make your internal world a better place. Here are a couple that I have personally found helpful: (include any apps you’d like here)

Thinkladder is a free mental wellness app that helps you to identify toxic thoughts or belief patterns and gives you tools to replace them with healthier, empowering ones. It’s based upon the concept of Neuroplasticity: that our brain is malleable. With repetition of the right techniques over time, we can change our inner world for the better!