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Workplaces can be incredible places full of friendly people and engaging work. They can also be challenging places with hostile people and boring work. Most of us find that our workplaces are a mixture of the good and not-so-good. If we can get to the core of what disturbs us the most, we can go a long way in making our daily working experience more satisfying and enjoyable.

A good starting point is to identify some of the limiting beliefs we hold around work and our workplace. From there, we can then begin to create new neural pathways by replacing them with new beliefs. These limiting beliefs could be something like ‘Because this is not my ideal job, I can’t enjoy it or derive meaning from it.’ or ‘I have no power to make changes in my working environment.’

We all find challenges and stressful moments at some point in our working lives. Check out the ‘Workplace’ theme in the Thinkladder app to start a journey towards greater job satisfaction.

Insights from the ‘Workplace’ Theme

If I have outsourced my power to external circumstances, I can start to claim it back by reacting to this situation in ways that align with my personal values.

Tips for cultivating a positive relationship with your workplace:

Contribute to a healthy work environment: A positive work environment is a collaborative effort. Be intentional and contribute to building a healthy team culture. Celebrate success with your colleagues, take time to connect, and show respect, gratitude, and empathy.

Set boundaries: Boundaries can be useful for separating your work and personal life. They help you to manage all your responsibilities and prevent burnout. Consider setting a limit on your daily work hours, taking breaks when needed, and being open to declining or negotiating certain tasks.

Learn time management skills: Effective time management can help reduce stress and increase productivity. Prioritise tasks and make a plan to manage your time effectively.

Practise self-care: Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Make time for regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, and engage in activities that you enjoy outside of work.

Manage stress: Be mindful of areas of your work that tend to be sources of stress. Be intentional and develop strategies for managing them mindfully and proactively.

Seek support: If you are struggling, reach out to a mental health professional for support. Many workplaces offer employee assistance programs or other resources to support mental health.

Use Thinkladder: Thinkladder can assist you in identifying unhelpful beliefs that hold you back in the workplace. You can use it to challenge these beliefs and discover new insights that will empower you on your journey.

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