Theme: Loss of Job

The Loss of Job Theme is currently available for free in the Thinkladder app. We realise the financial pressure that comes with losing a job. This is our gift to you.

For many of us, the loss of a job is a living nightmare. We lose our source of status and security, daily motivation and drive, friendship and connection, and a sense of purpose in our life. It’s a horrible mixture of grief, fear of the future, and self-doubt.

Unsurprisingly, it can be hard to cope with job loss. But even in this difficult situation, we can use our pain to our advantage by doing a couple of things:

1) Use this unexpected break in our normal routine to really assess the direction of our life and career. Take the time to make adjustments or even take a new path altogether. 

2) Sit with our painful thoughts and feelings. Allow them to show us the places in our inner world that could use some healing attention. 

With intentionality, bravery, and hard work, the loss of a job can turn out to be a surprising gift.

If you have found yourself in the place of having lost your job, try the ‘Loss of Job’ theme. The Thinkladder app can help you uncover limiting beliefs that may be fuelling your pain, and discover insights to challenge these beliefs – leading to growth and a healthier perspective.

Insights from the Loss Of Job Theme

This is just a speed bump on the road of
life, not a roadblock.

Practical tips for dealing with the loss of a job:

Process your emotions: Losing a job can be an emotional experience. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and process them in a healthy ways. This might involve talking to a trusted friend or family member, journaling, or seeking support from a therapist or counsellor.

Take time for self-care: Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly. These activities can help reduce stress and improve your mood.

Stay organised: Create a routine and stay organised. This can help you stay focused and productive as you search for a new job.

Stay optimistic: Try to maintain a positive outlook and focus on the opportunities that lie ahead. Focus on setting new goals or learning new skills that can help you in your next job.

Build your network: Reach out to your network of contacts and let them know that you are looking for a new job. Attend networking events and connect with people in your industry.

Update your resume and cover letter: Take the time to update your resume and cover letter to reflect your skills and experience. Be ready to stand out to potential employers.

Consider temporary work: Consider taking on temporary work or contract work in your field. Stay active and maintain your skills while you search for a more permanent job.

Check-in: If maintaining a level head during this time is proving a challenge, you may find Thinkladder a helpful resource for finding balance and perspective. The Loss of a Job theme is free for all Thinkladder users, with uplifting insights curated just for you.

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