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Our beliefs go with us everywhere and influence every decision we make. Thinkladder helps you discover, evaluate, and adapt your unique belief system, and enhance your personal wellbeing.

Discover the unhelpful beliefs that could be fuelling stress, anxiety or depression. In 5 minutes you can trace an unhelpful belief and discover numerous empowering alternatives.

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Step 1: Themes

Choose a theme you identify with

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Step 2: Symptoms

Scroll through the symptoms that people often experience within this theme.

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Step 3: Unhelpful Beliefs

The beliefs we hold mostly function at a subconscious level, but they have the power to govern our emotions and habits. Many were sourced from our childhood conclusions and surrounding culture and were hardwired into our thinking patterns without being filtered or evaluated.

Scroll through the beliefs and select the ones that you think may be influencing you in a not-so-helpful way.

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Step 4: Insights

Adopt a healthier belief system by selecting insights that resound with you, and use these to form new cognitive pathways.

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This inner work takes time, so get creative! Save them to the gallery, write them down, paint them, sing them, tattoo them... and if you want, share them.

Now that you understand how the Thinkladder Insight Finder works, are you ready to give it a try?

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